Odd things that should not be in your trunk

Most people by nature seem to be pack rats. If you take a look at a lot of homes you will see that the basement, attic, garage or closets are filled not with useful items that can be easily found when you need them but with things you do not need, never wanted, have no use for or just do not make sense. All you need to do is go to a couple of yard sales, garage sales or flea markets to confirm that. Just as those places are for storage in your home, the trunk of your car often turns out to be the same way. There are some pretty odd things that can end up in your trunk to the point where you may even take a look at them and wonder just how they got there.


Taking a look into the trunk of someone’s car is a lot like taking an unwanted peek into their minds. You never quite know what you are going to find in there and what you do discover may mystify and horrify you. While most people may have a trunk with some emergency essentials like tools and jumper cables, others may have it filled with all of the paraphernalia related to whatever sports teams their kids may play on. Still others could simply have all of those reusable shopping bags in them that you swear you are going to use when you go into the supermarket but always forget to bring with you.
While all of that may seem like normal stuff, it is the truly odd stuff that may be harder to explain. Finding food that may have escaped from a shopping bag is one thing, but opening a trunk and finding something like one hundred pounds of potatoes or twenty-five watermelons might be a bit much. You may keep a jacket or even a change of clothes in the trunk for an emergency, but what if you found a suit of armor or a giant rabbit costume in there instead? The odds are pretty good you would just slowly close the trunk and back away and try to erase the thought of your buddy in a giant rabbit suit from your brain.


Finding tools is perfectly normal or even an old car stereo, but what if you had fifteen DVD players or twenty laptop computers in there? Other than thinking they were stolen, you might be hard-pressed to come up with a reason for having them there. What you really need to worry about is if you find a fully dressed mannequin in the trunk of the car. You might have a hard time believing your friend that he uses it just for getting into the car pool lanes going to work.


The next time you open your trunk take a good look around and see what is actually in there. You are likely to find a few things that you are unable to explain away for being there and it might give you a good excuse to clean it out and start fresh. Even better than that, you can start completely fresh with brand new car that you find at your local Toyota Costa Mesa dealership. You can see what is available at http://www.southcoasttoyota.com/ so you can get a new car that has a completely empty trunk, giving you the chance to start with a clean slate.