Taking it to the Beach – Packing for a Day in the Sun

Even when it may not be the summertime, if you live in the right area or just want to get away for a few days you can get to places where sun, sand and surf are the norm just about all day long. Instead of sitting in your office all day long or feeling cooped up at home, think about how much fun it would be to just hop in your car and drive over to the beach for the day or even a few days. If the urge is too much and you need the beach experience now, remember to pack a few of the essentials with you for your day in the sun.

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Bathing Suit – Okay, even as obvious as this may sound, there is nothing worse than getting all the way out to the beach only to find that you left your swimming trunks or bikini laying on the bed at home. Sure, you can probably go out and buy one somewhere, but why spend the money on something you already have? Even if you are not planning on going into the water you still want to have your bathing suit so you can get the sun that you really want.

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Towel – Almost as annoying as forgetting your bathing suit is leaving your towel at home. Getting out of the water and having nothing to dry yourself off with leaves you shivering and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Even worse is when you do not have a towel to lay down in the sand. This means you get covered in sand the minute you sit down, and getting the sand off your body and out of your suit can seem next to impossible for you.

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Supplies – There are a few basic supplies you are going to want to take with you to enhance your day at the beach. Having some type of sunblock, even if you are a serious sun worshipper, is a necessity today. Taking along your sunglasses and a hat are never bad things to have along with you as well. If you have sandals or flip flops bring those as well (sand in your shoes is not cool). If the beach allows it, take a small cooler with you with some water to keep you hydrated and maybe a small snack to tide you over. Throw in a good book or magazine and you are ready to go. Leave your electronics at home for a change, though having your cellphone is never a bad idea in case you need it for emergencies.
Of course, in order to get to the beach you are going to need a car you can rely on. You want to be able to just hope in your car and go at the spur of the moment without having to worry about if your car will make it. Now may be a good time for you to consider an upgrade of your vehicle so you never have a problem leaving. Toyota Phoenix Metro has all of the new and used car options you could want at the best prices. You can see what is available to you at http://www.righttoyota.com/ so you can find that perfect car or truck to take you out to the beach.